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The Pussy Prayers

What does it mean to embrace your feminine energy? To truly understand, you need to look inward. Explore what it is that gives you energy. What inspires you? Are you living life to the fullest?  Are you healed from pass traumas? This process of reflection is important not only to understand yourself better but to lead with confidence and strength. For me, embracing my feminine energy is knowing who I am and not living to please someone else, finding what I truly enjoy doing, and manifesting it to its fullest potential, no holding back. 

This is for everyone and anyone who identifies as female, as well as those who wish to become more in tune with their feminine side. Welcome to The Pussy Prayers, a series of spiritual wellness events designed to highly encourage our guests to get in tune with themselves!

The Pussy Prayer 3 areas of focus

Power of the P!

"Every woman who heals herself helps heals all of the women who comes before her and all those who comes after her".

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