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Jan 1, 2018

I love my hair

Tiffany is wonderful and I love my hair! Found her on Instagram after I got my hair cut at a popular overpriced salon. I wasn’t happy with my hairstyle or the haircut and I decided to give this salon a try! I was Very impressed with the quality of the service, her punctuality and how she corrected my haircut and styled my hair in that short time period. Their rates are extremely reasonable to be able to keep up with my hairstyle on a consistent basis. My hair came out exactly how I asked for!!

Customer since December 2017


Sunday 10am-4pm By Appt. only

Monday 9am- 7pm

Wednesday 9am-7pm
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Saturday 7am-6pm

Appointments can be booked 24 hours with an additional fee.

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Do you have teenagers that interest in entrepreneurship? Would you love to see your teen(s) marketing their own money this summer?!!?? 

It’s time.... 3rd annual Teen Weave Workshop!!!!! Teaching teens the trade of Hair Weaving and Entrepreneurship. 

The "Teen Weave Workshop" is just the platform Tiffane Nicol (founder of Style Mobb University) has selected to stand on but the message excess far pass just weaving. This event has builded motivated, self-respected, positive and successful young adults! ‪#‎YouthMinistry‬ ... 

A day of Financial advice, career focusing, Goal Setting, trade learming, motivational speakers & entrepreneurship building!!!! 

Class educators:
Style Mobb Studio &
Tiffane Nicol www.TiffaneNicol.com www.StyleMobb.com

Want to Sponosor a teen or donate to the event ?!?! Great, we would love for you to. Your donation help make this event even bigger and expand the reach.

What's Weave Workshop for Teens?

Weave Workshop for Teens is catered to ages 13 - 19, powered by Professional Celebrity Hairstylist & Makeup artist Tiffane Nicol & Style Mobb University. Currently the Weave Workshop isn't a nonprofit organization, but has pending application. 
The Weave Workshop for Teens demonstrate and teaches the world infamous trade of hair extensions while at the same time teaching life skills, entrepreneurship qualities, emotional competencies to enhance personality, confidence and character. The goal of the Weave Workshop is to motivate teens to build a proper foundation now, master the process of everyday life & give them skills that will set them up for a successful future.
Weave Workshop for Teens is not only for Teens who inspire to work in the beauty & grooming industry, we welcome all teens.
During every Weave Workshop event, an important section of our program is our "Real Talk" session. Real talk was designed to create a "free to be you" atmosphere, allowing the teens to ask questions & tell their stories. This is a judge free zone. During this time we practice " words of affirmation" and self esteem building. For "Real Talk" we have built a cool community of staff members who lead by their transparency & testimonies. We allow the teens to speak their mind and clearly express their emotions, therefore we ask the parents to leave room.

Weave is the platform we stand on but the message is massive!

Our mission: Each one, Teach one!

Don’t wait til last minute.... limited seats Available!!!!

 #teenweaveworkshop #TiffaneNicol #StyleMobbUniversity #Atlantateens #TeensAtlanta 

💎Be who you needed when you were young! 💎 

Teen Weave Workshop June 30th