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A Glimpse of the Story

Be who your needed when you were younger.... 

Who is Tiffane Nicol?

I am an only child to a lesbian woman who is a legend in the Atlanta LGBTQ community. She gave birth to me at the age of 17, while still discovering herself this caused a disconnection in our relationship. As most teenage girls or teens period, transitioning from an adolescent to a teenager was hard. Much harder for me because I also identified as a Lesbian very young. The funny thing is, my mother and all her friends identified as LGBTQ, so you would think this made growing up "gay" easier for me?!?!...Nope, It didn't! It actually made life a little more harder for me in different ways.  

Today, as a mother myself, I understand a mother's love. I understand the confusion and emotional spaces teenagers embark on. Especially ones that see life from a different lens as I did. Surviving life’s journey by myself, I now understand the different phases and lessons;  I now have a deep desire to strengthen the parent-child relationship. I understand that, there isn't a rule book for being the "perfect mom” instead each kid has been perfectly designed for the parents they have. This has allowed me to offer coaching and resources to parents and kids in need of guidance. This has allowed me to be the person I needed when I was younger. 



Break generational curses by building stronger parent-child bonds!  Creating a safe, judgement free, supportive development resource center for parents and teens 13-19 years of age with a special niche in:  lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning (LGBTQQ) youth. 


The vision is to create better understandings, enrich communication skills and joyful interactions between the parent-child relationship. .  

Parent-Child Coaching 


Parent-child coaching can help with:

  • LGBTQ support

  • survivors of abuse/domestic violence

  • Transition issues

  • Leadership Coaching 


Parent- child Coaching Techniques 

  • Prepare the parent and child  to learn

  • Show and describe  new strategies for communication and co-existing together.  

  • Support and rescue groups for parents and kids.


Teen leadership & entrepreneurship coaching

  • Healthy survival skills,

  • Life & Self Love skills 

  •  character building and self confidence

  • Money management 

  • workshop & conferences